Dominion Funds - Award winning CHIC Brochure

CHIC - Otherwise known as the Luxury Consumer Fund, it invests in many of world’s best known and exclusive brands. Companies which offer the most aspirational products and services, and without doubt, you will be familiar with almost all of them, In fact, you are probably a customer of many of them already.

Luxury Consumer follows the fast growing trend in aspirational spending, which can be described as the part of our expenditure for things that we want instead of things that we need. This trend is heavily influenced by the global growth in wealth, the rapid growth of middle classes in developing markets, and finally by the global trend of urbanisation which is driving growth in consumer spending.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Luxury Consumer fund is that, unlike many investments, you can actually see the trend happening all around you and probably recognize that you are part of this trend. Not very long ago luxury spending was the province of the very wealthy.

Today luxury goods and services are so widely accessible that with almost every buying decision you make there is an option which is: a little nicer; a little more exclusive; better quality; or, simply has a better “feel good factor” than the others. That is the luxury consumption trend and it is growing rapidly.

 With the above said the “CHIC” Corporate brochure had to reflect and ooze a certain amount of elegance and a high level of Creative quality. Images were sourced via the highly credible photographer portal 500px and all photographers were credited for the use.

The clever use of drip off coating through the text really made this brochure stand out and the blind embossing to the solid metallic cover gave first impressions of something special. The finished product was folded, gathered with the tip in and PUR bound. With an anti-scuff matt laminated out cover, this brochure certainly ‘fitted the bill’.

Proud to say that The CHIC Brochure Won 2014 Print Design & Marketing Awards. 1, for Best in Book & Booklet Category. However, it didn’t stop there and CHIC was crowned Supreme Award Winner Overall.

Printed on our 6 colour Heidelberg press to our ISO 12647-2 colour standards and using triple coated paper, the imagery on the brochure and the effectiveness of the drip off technique was enhanced. The judges were very impressed by the techniques and said “the winning entry delivered the highest standard of print and design at an exceptional level”.

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